Waterhousea floribunda (Weeping lilly pilly)

Waterhousea floribunda

Weeping lilly pilly (Waterhousea floribunda) is one of our favourite evergreen trees. It’s also an Aussie native! In the garden if left unchecked it can reach a height of 10m, with an 8m spread. It forms a dense canopy, it is a rainforest tree after all.

The leaves are long. Fresh growth can start out light green, pink or yellow. They will then age to a deep glossy green. In summer it produces lots of small white flowers in clusters. These are then followed by white berries with a pinkish hue.

Waterhousea floribunda makes a wonderful specimen tree. It’s used extensively in parkland plantings. It created a wonderful shade canopy. It can also be planted as an informal screen on larger properties. It responds well to pruning.

You can grow weeping lilly pilly in full sun or shade. Prefers moist well draining soil. We find it holds up to frost better than some of the other varieties of lilly pilly. We can get quite extensive frosts here in West Gippsland.

We propagate and grow our Waterhousea floribunda from seeds we collect each year from the specimens in our gardens. These are grown outdoors in our nursery located in Drouin, West Gippsland so they are much better adapted to the Victorian climate than trees grown out of state.

If you would like to but Waterhousea floribunda (Weeping lilly pilly) click the button below to check current availability and pricing. We commonly grow these in 140mm and 250mm pots.