Festuca glauca (Blue fescue)

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Blue fescue

Festuc glauca (Blue fescue) is a very attractive small clumping grass. Grows to only 30cm. It looks its best throughout the warmer months when the foliage is blue, hence the name blue fescue. During winter it tends to brown off a bit.

A wonderful plant for use in grass inspired gardens, rockeries, as an edging plant and mass planted.

Blue fescue prefers well draining soil so avoid boggy sites. We like to cut them back in early spring after the frost risk has past. This keeps them compact and bushy and ready to look their best throughout the warmer months. You can also cut them back throughout the season to encourage new growth. The new growth has the most vibrant colour.

We propagate and grow our blue fescue from division. That helps us keep the nicest, bluest ones available for purchase. They can also be propagated by seed but there is always some variation.

If you would like to buy Festuca glauca (Blue fescue) Click the button below to check current availability and pricing. We grow these at our wholesale nursery located in Drouin, West Gippsland. They are commonly available in 140mm pots.