Viola labradorica

Viola labradorica -Viola riviana Purpurea

Alpine violet or Dog violet

Viola labradorica is a clump forming perennial ground cover. It has soft purple- green foliage. In spring and summer it produces loads of purple flowers.

A great choice as an understory plant in woodland gardens. Also great to add as a border along shaded paths.

Prefers a moist spot in the garden. Though meant to be grown in the shade. We’ve had success growing them out in the sun. In the garden we have them planted under silver birches. Spreads readily.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Viola labradorica or Viola riviana Purpurea

Common name: Alpine Violet, Dog Violet

Family: Violaceae

Native to: North America & Greenland

Flowers: spring into summer

Position: Part shade/Shade

Height: 25cm

Width: spreading

Viola riviana Purpurea- Dog violet, Alpine Violet