Sedum mexicanum “Gold Mound”

Sedum mexicanum "Gold mound"

Sedum mexicanum "gold mound" Information

Sedum "gold mound" is a small growing, succulent ground cover. The foliage is a striking yellow.

The leaves are small and fleshy. In summer it produces small yellow flowers.

"Gold mound" is a great choice as a ground cover in hot dry area's. Or cascading out of a hanging basket or spilling over retaining walls.

Prefers to we grown in well draining soil in a position in full sun. However we have ours in part shade and it is thriving!

Will benefit from extra water during periods of extended dryness. Can be pruned hard if needed.

A great little hardy plant!

Cultural information

Botanical name: Sedum mexicanum

Common name: Stonecrop, Mexican stonecrop

Family: Crassulaceae

Native to: South America

Flowers: Summer

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 15cm

Width: 150cm

Is sedum 'gold mound' frost hardy?

It is! We get temperatures as low as -5C here in the nursery. Our sedums stay out, fully exposed to the elements over winter. On those extreme lows they may get a small amount of frost burn, but it's very minimal.

Compared to some of the other succulents we have had in our gardens over the years. This is one of the best!

Can i grow sedum 'gold mound' in a pot?

Yes. You can grow sedum gold mound anywhere! This thing is ridiculously versatile. Ive grown it in pots, in-between rocks with very little soil, around my ponds and even in the shade!

We love this plant!

Like any plant grown in a confined space it will benefit from some slow release fertiliser from time to time.

Pests and diseases.

No problems that we have come across. I will say that slugs and snails love hiding under the foliage. Throwing some pet safe snail pellets (this is the brand we use, in the nursery) around your sedum gold mounds can stop them becoming a problem elsewhere.

What plants make good companions with sedums?

Other succulents always look good with sedums. We also find that scleranthus and sedums also look really nice together, especially in a rock garden.

How do you propagate sedum gold mound?

Gold mound is really easy to propagate. We use tip cuttings taken at anytime of year. For full instructions read this article or check out the short video below.