Nandina domestica (Sacred bamboo)

Although nandina domestica is commonly called sacred bamboo it isn’t a type of bamboo. It is however a fantastic medium sized evergreen shrub. The foliage is constantly changing colour throughout the seasons. In spring and summer the new growth is a light almost yellow-lime, sometimes light pink. As the new growth ages it becomes a deep green. But in late autumn and winter once the cold overnight temperatures hit the foliage turns a vibrant red. In summer it produces lots of white flowers, these aren’t very spectacular but if left alone they become very vibrant red berries that will hold on the shrub for quite a long period.

Nandinas are one of our personal favourites. They are super low maintenance. Perfect for almost any garden from architecturally styled to a cottage garden. The evergreen foliage that is constantly changing colour is hard to beat! This variety will grow to about 1.8m and can be used as an informal screen plant. It also does well in large tubs.

Thrives in sunny and partly shaded positions. Very tolerant of frost. Will be ok with periods of dryness once established.

We propagate nandina domestica using seed, although cuttings are also a viable option. We predominantly sell them in 140mm pots although we sometimes have them in 200mm and 250mm pots. Our plants are grown at our wholesale nursery in Drouin, West Gippsland. If you would like buy nandina domestica (sacred bamboo) please click the button below to check current availability and pricing.