Myoporum fine leaf form (white)

Myoporum parvifloium fine leaf form
Myoporum parvifloium fine leaf form

Myoporum parvifolium fine leaf form is a fantastic, quick growing native ground cover. It has fine narrow green leaves. In late spring into summer it produces a mass of tiny white star shaped flowers that bees adore.

Myoporum fine leaf form is perfect for covering large embankments. It grows thick and healthy in most soils and can become a living mulch to help suppress weed growth. Each plant will potentially spread 1m wide.

This myoporum doesn’t mind a good hard cut back. So if it looks a little tired don’t be scared to cut it back. It can be grown in full sun and part shade. It will tolerate coastal conditions and is pretty drought tolerant once established.

We propagate our fine leaf myoporums by cuttings. We then grow them out ready for sale in a 140mm pot. Our wholesale nursery is located in Drouin, West Gippsland. These plants are tough and see frequent frosts in the winter to temps over 40 in the summer. If you would like to buy myoporum fine leaf form, please click the button below to check current availability and pricing.