Ficus pumila (Creeping fig)

Ficus pumila- Climbing fig
Ficus pumila- Climbing fig

Ficus pumila is a fantastic self clinging, evergreen climbing plant. The young leaves are heart-shaped, light green and the tips are pinkish. As the plant matures the leaves become more a deep green, the shape becomes oval and the foliage becomes more leathery to the touch.

Creeping fig is fantastic for ugly fences, softening brickwork or any wall. Because it self clinging it will grow up on pretty much anything! It can also be grown indoors and in hanging baskets.

It will do well in full sun, part shade, even full shade. When the plants are young they need to be protected from frost. However since they mature they can handle frost pretty good. We can get quite a decent frost out here in West Gippsland and it doesn’t affect the mature plants in the garden at all. If you want to keep the leaves small you’ll need to trim the plant regularly.

We propagate Ficus pumila on site via cuttings. We then grow them out in a 140mm pot for sale at our wholesale nursery located in Drouin, West Gippsland. If you would like to buy Ficus pumila (Creeping fig) please click the button below to check current availability and pricing.