Ajuga reptans ‘Jungle beauty’

Ajuga reptans 'Jungle beauty'

Ajuga reptans ‘jungle beauty’

Ajuga reptans ‘jungle beauty’ is a very easy to grow ground cover. It has glossy green leaves with a thin purplish border. Produces spikes of light blue flowers in late spring into summer.

A great choice as a living mulch under established trees, will form a dense carpet. Can also be used in rockeries, as a border or even spilling out of containers, or over retaining walls.

A very adaptable plant. It can be grown in all light levels full sun, part shade and full shade. Will tolerate all soils except for very dry. Can even handle quite wet soils.

Cultural notes

Botanical name: Ajuga reptans ‘jungle beauty’

Common name: Bugle, Bugleweed, Bugleherb and Carpetweed

Family: Lamiaceae

Native to: Europe

Flowers: late spring early summer

Position: Full sun/Part shade/ Shade

Height: 25cm

Width: 1-2m

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Is ajuga reptans jungle beauty evergreen?

Well technically it doesn't fully die off in our victorian climate, but it sure doesn't look great during the coldest of winter. Don't fret though a striking display of bountiful flowering is just a few short months away.

Ajuga jungle beauty is one of the first plants to flower in the nursery in spring. It flowers so prolifically at this time you can barely see the foliage! Once this mass of flowers has finished it will quickly start producing lush green growth.

It will continue to flower on and off throughout the warmer months however these displays will be much less dazzling.

If you're looking for an evergreen ajuga try ajuga reptans purpurea, it looks great even in winter.

Pest and diseases.

The only real annoyance in terms of pests and diseases for ajuga jungle beauty is snails and slugs. Because ajuga is often used as an understory, living mulch plant its often planted in very shady, moist areas.

Thanks to its quick growth habit any damage is usually minimal. If these pests do get out of control apply a pet safe snail bait to the area.

Can i grow jungle beauty in a pot?

Absolutely. Ajuga jungle beauty looks quite nice in a decorative feature especially when in full bloom. It can be mixed in with other plantings to create year round interest. Application of a slow release fertiliser at the beginning of each season will ensure healthy vigorous growth.

Can ajuga jungle beauty be divided?

Yes of course. Provided there is some roots attached the offshoot will readily grow. You can also propagate jungle beauty using cuttings of the leaf, stem and root. Division is the fastest method to create healthy new plants.