Strobilanthes ‘Gold fussia’

Strobilanthes anisophylla-gold fussia
Strobilanthes ‘Gold fussia’

A small evergreen shrub with purple-green foliage. From summer into autumn it produces small purple-blue, trumpet-shaped flowers. Gold fussia can grow to 2m but in our climate we find it doesn’t get much higher than 1m.

A striking shrub especially when the foliage turns a metallic purple. Great in mixed shrubberies or used as a low growing hedge.

Tolerates a wide range of soils. If using as a hedge best planted in a sunny area. Can be planted in semi shade as a stand alone small shrub. Cold weather will turn the foliage that beautiful purple colour but too much frost will burn the young shoots. Thats why in our Gippsland climate we prefer to grow in as a specimen in partly shaded areas.

We propagate and grow strobilanthes ‘gold fussia’ at our nursery located in Drouin, Victoria. These plants are sold in 140mm pots. If you would like to buy stobilanthes ‘gold fussia’ click the button below to check current availability and pricing.