Iris germanica (Bearded Iris)

Bearded iris-Iris germanica

Iris germanica- Bearded iris

Iris germanica- Bearded iris is a evergreen perennial. It spreads by creeping rhizomes which form large clumps over time. In spring it produces stunning large flowers on tall stalks. There are numerous colours available. We grow a dwarf purple variety. A large pale blue type, and a large oyster coloured variety.

Berded iris are a must have in any cottage styled garden and flower gardens.

Requires well draining soil. Position plants in full sun to get great flower production. Avoid over watering as the rhizomes are susceptible to rot. Do not cover plants with mulch as this will also encourage rot. Plants can be divided and replanted after flowering.

Cultural notes

Botanical name: Iris germanica

Common name: Bearded iris

Family: Iridaceae

Native to: Southern Europe

Flowers: spring

Position: Full sun

Height: 50cm-1.3m

Width: 50cm-1m