Iris germanica- Bearded Iris

Bearded iris-Iris germanica
Bearded Iris

A great old fashioned flowering perennial. Bearded iris are grown for their striking floral display during spring. The foliage is sword shaped. Flower spikes will vary in height depending on the variety. Some may be 50cm high, while others will reach 1m.

A wonderful plant to mass plant in cottage styled gardens or any garden looking for some extra spring colour.

Bearded iris do best in full sun and well draining soil. After flowering they pretty much go dormant, although the foliage will remain. During this dormant stage it’s important that they aren’t overwatered as the rhizome can rot out. If you want to you can divide large existing clumps to create new plants.

We grow Iris Germanica- bearded iris in a mix of colours at our plant nursery located in Drouin, West Gippsland. We mostly sell them in a 140mm pot. If you would like to buy our bearded iris click the button below to check current availability and pricing.