Convolvulus sabatius

Convolvulus sabatius (Syn C.mauritanicus)
convolvulus sabatius (syn. c. mauritanicus)

Some people may also know convolvulus sabatius as its synonym convolvulus mauritanicus. Either way its a fantastic trailing perennial with thin twining stems and small, green leaves. Throughout the warmer month is produces hundreds if not thousands of lilac-blue flowers. Sometimes you’ll barley see the foliage there are so many flowers!

An ideal plant for handy baskets. Our favourite is when used cascading down retaining walls. It can also be used as a ground cover.

Flowers best in a sunny position with well draining, moist soil. You can cut it back hard if it ever begins to look untidy, it will quickly start growing and flowering again. Because it grows and flowers so much it can benefit from the addition of a control release fertiliser.

We propagate these via cutting at our wholesale nursery in West Gippsland. We then grow them out for sale in a 140mm pot. If you would like to buy Convolvulus sabatius (Syn. C. mauritanicus) please click the button bellow to check current availability and pricing.