Cerastium tomentosum (snow in summer)

cerastium tomentosum- snow in summer

Cerastium tomentosum is a low growing evergreen ground cover. It forms a mat of silver-grey foliage. Even though its called snow in summer here in Victoria it tends to start flowering in mid spring. The small white flowers come in mass and cover the entire plant during this time.

A great plant for rockeries, tumbling over retaining walls, a ground cover to suppress weeds or even in containers. It’s a very versatile plant. We personally like to use it around our ponds where the soft foliage contrasts well with the rocks.

Cerastium snow in summer flowers best in full sun. Can also be grown in part shade if growing more for the foliage. Prefers to be kept moist but will tolerate some periods of dryness.

Being a ground cover snow in summer only grows to 10-15cm and spreads approximately 75cm wide.

We propagate our cerastiums via cuttings at our wholesale nursery located in West Gippsland. We grow them out and sell them in 140mm pots. If you would like to but cerastium tomentosum (snow in summer) please click the button below to check current availability and pricing.