Brachyscome multifida (cut leaf daisy)

A small mounding perennial with dainty foliage and mauve flowers. The flowers are produced most of the year, more prolific during the warmer months.

Perfect for garden beds and rockeries. Performs best in moist well draining soils. Will flower at its best in full sun, although can also be grown in part shade. Can tolerate light frost once established.

Brachyscome multifid-cut leaf daisy
Brachyscome multifid-cut leaf daisy

It has a mounding habit and will max out at approximately 40cm high. Can be cut right back hard to promote new bushy growth.

We propagate ours at our nursery in Drouin and grow them out in 140mm pots. They are well acclimatised to do well in most areas of Victoria. If you would like to buy brachyscome mutilfida click the button below to check on availability and price.