Brachyscome multifida’ break of day’

An incredibly colourful little perennial that will flower pretty much year round! Small mauve daisy like flowers with a yellow centre that are produced over deep green, fine foliage. Thought the warmer months these are produced in mass.

Brachyscome multifida 'break of day'

A perfect choice for rockeries, as a border or just as a mass planting of colour. They will flower best in a mostly sunny position. Trim after flowering to maintain a compact habit. Even so will only grow to approximately 10cm high.

We propagate these via cuttings here at our nursery in Drouin. They are then grown out on site and should be well acclimatised to most areas of Victoria. We grow these for sale in a 140mm pot. If you would like to buy Brachyscome multifida ‘break of day’ click the button below to check availability and pricing.