Gold fussia

Strobilanthes anisophylla-gold fussia


Strobilanthes 'goldfussia' is a small evergreen shrub. It has narrow green leaves which turn a deep purple in full sun or cold weather in shaded areas. It produces small trumpet shaped flowers in large numbers during spring and sporatically throughout the year.

A great choice as a foliage plant. Here in Victoria, Australia we plant it in semi-shade to full shade to protect it from heavy frost. In more temperate areas it can be grown anywhere.

Grows best is moist well draining soil. Responds well to pruning. We like to prune either in spring or early autumn.


Botanical name: Strobilanthes anisophylla or persicifolia

Common name: Gold fussia, Willow leaf persian shield

Family: Acanthaceae

Native to: Asia

Flowers: Mainly spring

Position: Full sun, part shade, shade

Height: 1m-1.5m

Width: 1m

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Can goldfussia be used as a hedge?

Yes. Stobilanthes 'goldfussia' responds really well to pruning and could be used as a low growing hedge. Space plants between 30-50cm apart to form a dense low hedge.

Remember strobilanthes goldfussia does not like heavy frosts so don't attempt a hedge in areas prone to sever frost as the hedge will burn and look ugly.

Could goldfussia be grown in a pot or container?

Absolutely. Strobilanthes has very attractive foliage and has a really nice looking shape.

You'll want to select a pot at least 30cm in diameter with reasonable depth. Goldfussia is prone to drying out in hot weather and will need daily watering over summer if kept in a pot.

Add a slow release fertiliser every 3-4 months. Or regular watering with seasol.

Is goldfussia native?

No. Strobilanthes goldfussia is native to the tropical areas of Asia.

What pests and diseases attack stobilanthes?

They are generally pretty pest and disease free. However from time to time we notice some damage caused by caterpillars, snails or slugs.

As strobilanthes grow nice and quick we find the damage is quickly disguised by new growth. I cant think of a time where we actually had to use a pesticide on our stobilanthes.

How do i get my goldfussia's to go purple?

Here in Victoria ours turn purple once the temperatures cool down. In more temperate climates where frost isn't a problem exposure to sunlight will generally turn the leaves purple. The leaves that are protected will remain green.

Is strobilanthes easy to propagate?

Yes. We propagate strobilanthes using softwood cuttings taken throughout the year. The quickest time to get them to strike roots is late spring- early summer.

We use perlite to strike the roots. Below is a short slideshow.