Scaevola albida- ‘Mauve clusters’

Scaevola albida- 'Mauve clusters'

Scaevola albida- 'Mauve clusters'

Scaevola albida ‘mauve clusters’ is a spectacular ground cover plant. Its almost completely covered in flowers during the warmer months. Bees love it.

Mauve clusters is great as a ground cover, cascading over retaining walls, spilling out of pots or coastal plantings.

This plant likes free draining, composted soil. It flowers best in full sun but does not mind part shade. Scaevola aemula will benefit from the occasional deep watering during the summer months.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Scaevola albida ‘Mauve clusters’

Common name:Fan Flower


Native to: Australia

Flowers: spring-autumn

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 5cm


Is scaevola mauve clusters an annual or perennial?

This little Australian native is a perennial. That means you'll get years of bright flowers covering this ground cover for years to come.

We have a scaevola mauve clusters plant in our garden and its over 7 years old! We give it a prune and some slow release fertiliser from time to time and it always looks a million bucks.

Should i plant scaevola mauve clusters in the sun or shade?

We recommend planting scaevola mauve clusters in full sun. Its a tough little plant and easily survives our scorching summers. When planted in full sun you'll be rewarded with wave after wave of beautiful mauve, fan-shaped flowers.

Mauve clusters will even flower a little through the middle of winter if positioned in full sun. We have 3 plants around our wildlife pond and they flower right through. Granted, not as prolific in winter but a little colour is always welcome during our Victorian winter.

Could i plant my scaevlola on a container or hanging basket?

Of course! Scaevola mauve clusters looks fantastic spilling out of tall container pots, hanging baskets or over a high retaining wall.

Just remember as with any potted plant to water more frequently than if the plant was in the ground. Also make sure to position it in an area with loads of light. This will provide for a better flowering display.

You can prune scaevola mauve clusters whenever necessary. After pruning apply a native fertiliser to help promote lush, green healthy new growth.

Pests and diseases.

Scaevola mauve clusters has no real enemies in our garden or nursery. It's just a good, strong, fast growing plant!

Good companion plants for scaevola mauve clusters.

We like how it looks with other natives such as acacia cognata, myoporum broad leaf, Dodonea purpurea and brachysome. It also looks fantastic contrasted with sedum gold mound.

How do you propagate scaevola?

We take soft-wood cuttings during late spring-summer. The cuttings are then plugged into a seedling tray with a mix of perlite and peat moss. Roots will take about 2 months. You can see this article for more details or the below video.