We build ponds and water gardens in the Drouin and Warragul area.

We aim to work with nature not against nature, to create a pond that is a self sustaining ecosystem.

This results in a pond that looks natural and fits seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

A well balanced ecosystem pond will require almost no maintenance. We want you to relax and enjoy your pond.

We use only the finest materials supplied by aquascape. The mechanical and biological filters come with limited lifetime warranties.

For those looking to save money and do the heavy lifting themselves we can provide you with a pond in kit form that you can install yourself.

We specialise in fish ponds, pondless streams, creeks and waterfalls.

There is a water feature to fit any sized yard.

Our ponds are custom one of a kind creations.

Get in touch

If you would like to talk about a pond for your backyard, front-yard or anywhere in-between drop us an email at sales@mainneerimnursery.com.au

Please send us some photos of the area you are thinking about adding your pond, stream or waterfall.

We do charge a $100 site visit fee. This is just to cover our time and costs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For the DIY’er we are happy to consult on your pond project. Cost is $100 per site visit. Use the above email to get in touch.

Rough cost of a pond installation by main neerim nursery

The table below gives a rough guide on the cost to build a pond.

As you can see if you are willing to do the work yourself with a small amount of guidance you can save quite a lot.

If you don’t want to build it yourself, we can do it for you.

The difference in price between the DIY kits and normal kits is the components used. The DIY kits provide the most basic components to create a perfectly functioning feature.

The normal kits have upsized pumps, filters and plumbing.

PondsCost of componentsLabourRock & pebbleTotal
DIY pond kit 1.2m x 1.8m$1925.00$1900.00$300.00$4125.00
DIY pond kit 1.8m x 2.4m$2035.00$2300.00$450.00$4785.00
DIY pond kit 2.4m x 3.3m$2255.00$3500.00$600.00$6355.00
Small pond kit 2.4m x 3.3m$3575.00$3500.00$600.00$7675.00
Medium pond kit 3.3m x 4.8m$5280.00$6000.00$900.00$12180.00
Medium pond kit deluxe 3.3m x 4.8m$6050.00$6000.00$900.00$12950.00
Only medium kits come with lights
Pondless streams & waterfallsCost of componentsLabourRock & pebbleTotal
Backyard waterfall kit$2310.00$2000.00$200.00$4510.00
DIY waterfall kit$2090.00$2000.00$200.00$4290.00
2m Stream/ waterfall kit $3080.00$3000.00$300.00$6380.00
5m Stream/ waterfall kit$3740.00$3700.00$700.00$8140.00
Only 5m kit comes with lights
How it all works