Myoporum parvifolium pink form

Myoporum parvifolium pink

Myoporum parvifolium pink form

Myoporum parvifolium pink- Pink creeping boobialla is an evergreen ground cover. It has fine waxy leaves. In late spring- early summer its almost completely covered in small pink flowers.

A great ground cover for banks, cascading over retaining walls, placement in Australian native gardens and even helping to fill gaps in a cottage garden.

Grow it in a position in full sun or part shade. It will produce more flowers in full sun. Prefers moist well drained soil. Keep moist during summer and give it a trim as needed. Very hardy.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Myoporum parvifolium pink

Common name: Pink creeping boobialla

Family: Myoporaceae

Native to: Australia

Flowers: late spring-summer

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 20cm

Width: 2m

How many ground cover myoporums are there?

4 that we grow. 2 types with white flowers- myoporum parvifolium fine leaf and myoporum parvifolium broad leaf form. As you can guess the biggest difference between the two is the leaf size, although the broad leaf variety has a greener leaf.

Then we have myoporum parvifolium purpurea. This has a light purple flower and dark purple tinges too its leaves.

And lastly this variety myoporum parvifolium pink form. The foliage on this is a more army green and has small pink flowers.

All these myoporums are a great compliment to one another in the garden.

Can i cut back pink form myoporum?

Absolutely. All the ground cover myoporums can be cut back as required. The best method is to remove the old woody stems. This will encourage new fresh trailers to emerge.

Is pink myoporum drought tolerant?

Yes. Once established these are pretty close to indestructible. When young water in hot dry weather. Once the plant has spread about 50cm it should be able to take care of itself.

Pests and diseases.

None that we have ever had to deal with. We have been growing myoporums for over 10 years. Apart from the odd trim these are pretty maintenance free.

How do you propagate pink myoporum?

We use stem cuttings taken during the warmer times of year. Fresh growth works best. We take cuttings approximately 5-7cm long and place in a mix of perlite and peat moss.

Another effective method of propagation is searching the underside of the trailing stems for any stem with roots emerging. Often as it trails along the ground it will put down a few roots. Simple cut this piece off and plant.