Myoporum parvifolium Fine leaf form

Myoporum parvifloium fine leaf form

Myoporum parvifolium Fine leaf form

Myoporum parvifolium Fine leaf form- Creeping boobialla is an evergreen ground cover. It has fine lime green leaves. In late spring- early summer its almost completely covered in small white flowers.

A great ground cover for banks, cascading over retaining walls, placement in Australian native gardens and even helping to fill gaps in a cottage garden.

Grow it in a position in full sun or part shade. It will produce more flowers in full sun. Prefers moist well drained soil. Keep moist during summer and give it a trim as needed. Very hardy. The most vigorous of all the creeping boobiallas.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Myoporum parvifolium Fine leaf form

Common name: Creeping boobialla

Family: Myoporaceae

Native to: Australia

Flowers: late spring-summer

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 20cm

Width: 3m

How should i plant myoporum fine leaf form?

We find myoporum parvifolium fine leaf form to be the most vigorous grower of the 4 varieties we grow. It is best planted in mass in difficult to areas like step banks or cascading retaining walls. The areas where the hill was cut out to make way for the house.

These areas often have little to no topsoil and sometimes it can be hard to find plants to make these areas look nice.

Space them about 1m apart to create a living mulch. Incorporating some of the other varieties can add a nice contrast of colours and foliage. The other 3 available are pink form, purpurea and broad leaf.

Can i prune myoporum fine leaf?

Absolutely and don't be shy! Get in there and prune hard. To keep the plants looking beautiful prune after flowering.

Once flowering has finished the plants loose that lovely vibrant green look. A good hard prune will rejuvenate them and in no time they will be full and lush once again.

How long will myoporum parvifiolium live for?

Expect between 5 and 7 years. After this amount of time the plants will be quite woody and probably won't respond so well to the annual hard cut back.

While they will continue to live after this time i think it's better to start over.

Is myoporum drought tolerant?

Yes. Once established these are pretty close to indestructible.

When young, water in hot dry weather. Once the plant has spread about 50cm it should be able to take care of itself.

How fast will fine leaf myoporum grow?

Really fast! It can easily fill a square meter area in one season.

Pest and diseases.

Nothing for us. These plants are very carefree.

How do you propagate myoporum parvifolium fine leaf form?

We use a mix of perlite and peat moss to strike cuttings. The cuttings can be taken throughout the entire year. For more details check out this article or the short video below.