Liriope “Royal Purple”

Liriope muscari -"Royal Purple"

Liriope muscari -"Royal Purple"

Liriope muscari ‘Royal Purple’ is an evergreen perennial. It forms clumps of slender strappy deep green leaves. In summer it produces clusters of small vibrant purple flower spikes.

Royal purple is wildly grown as a ground covering liriope. Looks great as a border, planted between pavers or amongst rocks.

Grows best in moist well drained soil in a partly shaded position. It will tolerate dry periods and light frost.

Cultural notes

Botanical name: Liriope muscari ‘Royal Purple’

Common name: Lilyturf, border grass, monkey grass

Family: Asparagaceae

Native to: East Asia

Flowers: summer

Position: Part shade/Shade

Height: 40 cm

Width: 40cm

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How far apart should i space liriope royal purple?

For a nice low border of liriope royal purple's you should space them no more than 30cm apart.

Is liriope royal purple frost hardy?

Yeap. Liriope royal purple is evergreen and can withstand frosts. However constant exposure to frost will lead to the clump appearing flat. Once spring comes around it will quickly sprout new upright growth.

Can liriope royal purple be grown in full shade?

Yes indeed. Liriopes are incredibly hardy and royal purple is no different. Your royal purple plants will thrive in shade and particularly in cold areas the shade will protect them from the frost, thus avoiding the flattening of the clump.

What pests and diseases attack liriope royal purple?

Royal purple doesn't have any problems with diseases. But in terms of pests snails and slugs can be a problem. We like to use a pet safe snail bait to keep the slugs and snails at bay.

Are liriope native?

No, Liriope are not Australian native. They are  originally from East Asia.

Is liriope royal purple easy to divide?

Very easy. We divide ours annually anywhere from autumn to early spring.