Ligustrum undulatum

Ligustrum undulatum-box leaf privet

Ligustrum Undulatum- Box leaf privet

Box leaf privet is a hardy evergreen shrub. It has small glossy green leaves. In summer it produces small white flowers.

Ligustrum undulatum is a fantastic hedging plant. It makes a great privacy screen and is fast growing. Also a great choice for topiary either in the garden or large containers.

Prefers moist well draining soil in a sunny or partly shaded area. Responds excellent to prunning. The more often its cut the more dense it becomes.

It's an incredibly hardy shrub and even plants that have had years of neglect can be cut back hard and will re-shoot.

Don't confuse ligustrum undulatum with other privet species. Box leaf privet is non-invasive.


Botanical name: Ligustrum undulatum

Common name: Box leaf privet

Family: Oleaceae

Native to: Different species of ligustrum are found in every continent except Antartica.

Flowers: summer

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 2m

Width: 1.5m

Is ligustrum box leaf privet evergreen?

Yes. Although it does tend too thin out during winter. This isn't a bad thing as it lets light penetrate into the centre of the plants. This helps it stay very thick and bushy.

It's thick and bushy habit make it not only a good screen plant, but also a living fence.

How far apart should i plant ligustrum undulaum to create a hedge or screen?

Depends on how tall you want the hedge or screen to grow. As a general rule for a low hedge say around 1m, plant them 60cm apart.

For a screen 1-8-2m tall, plant them around 1m apart.

Box leaf privet are quite fast growing, but if you want to spend up growth..Adding an organic fertiliser like blood and bone or dynamic lifter will work wonders.

Can box leaf privet be used in topiary?

For sure. Just keep in mind that it will thin out a bit during winter. But other than that, box leaf privet can be trimmed and cut over and over. So yes it makes a great topiary plant.

Pests and diseases.

No problems that we have experienced in over 15 years growing them.

How do you propagate ligustrum undulatum?

We usually take our cuttings during the winter, using semi hardwood stems. However they can be taken anytime throughout the year. This is just when we have the most available time.

We plug the cuttings into a mix of perlite and peat moss. For more detailed instructions - click to read this article and watch the short video below.