Hemerocallis Day lily-‘Stella d’oro’

Hemerocallis Day lily-'Stella de Oro'

Day lily ‘Stella D’Oro’

Hemerocallis ‘Stella D’Oro’ is a hardy perennial. It has long slender strappy deep green leaves. In late spring through to autumn it produces striking medium sized bright yellow trumpet flowers.

Daylily ‘Stella D’Oro’ is a great plant for cottage gardens, as a border plant or gardens where splashes of yellow are required.

Grows well in moist well drained soils. Flowers best in full sun. To prolong flowering remove dead heads. ‘Stella D’Oro’ goes dormant in late autumn and returns in late winter.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Hemerocallis ‘Stella D’Oro’

Common name: Daylily

Family: Asphodelaceae

Native to: Asia

Flowers: late spring-autumn

Position: Full sun/part shade

Height: 40cm

Width: 40cm

Is Stella d'oro an evergreen daylily?

No. Stella d'oro is not evergreen. In autumn as soon as the nights turn cold stella doro's foliage will start to yellow. Once this happens it's only a couple of weeks until the foliage disappears entirely. It is however very quick to return. In about mid August it starts to sprout back to life.

How do i prolong the flowering on stella d’oro?

The surest way to keep this daylily flowering is to de-head the spent flowers. If you keep on top of this Stella d'oro will produces her magnificent blooms from spring right through till the beginning of autumn.

Applying a slow release fertiliser during summer will also help prolong flowering and promote more clumps.

Is stella d'oro toxic to dogs?

No. Unlike true lilies (lillium) daylily's are not toxic to dogs.

Is stella d'oro a dwarf daylily?

Yes. Stella d'oro will only get to a height of 40cm. Being a dwarf it's able to successfully be grown in decorative pots and containers if desired. Applying a slow release fertiliser throughout the growing season is especially important if growing in pots. Divide the clumps every few years to avoid the plants becoming pot bound.

When should i divide stella d'oro?

The best time of year to divide stella d'oro is is late winter/ early spring when the plant starts to emerge from the soil.

Will stella d'oro flower in shaded area?

Not really. Stella d'oro will bloom to its full potential in full sun. Planting even in partial shade will lead to a reduction in overall flowering.

Pests & diseases

Nothing to major. Stella d'oro is quite resilient to most common pests and diseases. From time to time snails and slugs can have a nibble on the foliage. If this becomes a nuisance, apply some pet safe snail pellets.