Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar

Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar

Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar

Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar is a compact evergreen shrub. It has striking white and green variegated foliage.

Silver Pillar spindle is a great plant choice for low hedges, rockeries or shaped in to small topiary balls and dotted around the garden.

Can be grown in full sun or part shade. Grows well in many areas including poor dry soils. Responds excellent to regular pruning. Frost hardy.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name:  Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar

Common name:  Silver Pillar spindle

Family:  Celastraceae

Native to: Japan, Korea and China

Flowers: insignificant

Position: Full sun/ Part Shade

Height: 1m

Width: 1m

Can i use euonymus silver pillar has a small hedge?

Absolutely! Silver pillar forms a great low hedge. Perfect for lining paths or as a low border for a perennial garden.

Plant them about 30cm apart. To speed up the growth add a slow release fertiliser in late winter-early spring.

When should i prune silver pillar?

The best times are in autumn and spring. During these times the temperatures rant as extreme and allows for some new growth to develop before the temperatures do become extreme.

Silver pillar makes a great little topiary ball. The interesting colour adds year round interest into the garden.

Pest and diseases.

We don't have any problems with pest and diseases. But every now and then a green shoot will emerge from the plant. What i mean is the shoot is not variegated. Its like its reverting back to the non hybrid form.

If this happen rip the branch off so that the bud is removed. This should stop the green growth from returning and you'll be able to enjoy the variegated foliage.

If you prefer the straight green foliage plant euonymus japonicus.

How do you propagate euonymus silver pillar?

We take cuttings generally during autumn. We strike them in mix of perlite and peat moss. For more information read this article or watch the short video below.