Erigeron karvinskianus- Seaside daisy

Erigeron karvinskianus- Seaside daisy

Erigeron karvinskianus- Seaside daisy

Erigeron karvinskianus seaside daisy is a vigorous ground covering perennial. It produces small daisy like flowers in pink and white tones. The flowers are produced throughout most of the year.

Seaside daisy is an obvious choice as a ground covering pop of colour, for use in cottage gardens, spilling over retaining walls, cascading out of pots or hanging baskets or edging garden paths.

A very hardly plant grows well in most conditions. Flowers best in a position in full sun. Plants can be cut back at anytime of year to encourage new growth.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Erigeron karvinskianus

Common name: Seaside Daisy


Native to: Central America

Flowers: spring-autumn

Position: Full Sun/Part Shade

Height: 40cm

Width: spreading

Should you cut back erigeron?

Yes. From time to time your erigeron plants will start to look quite ugly. When this happens attack them with some secetures or shears. Erigeron loves a good cut back.

You can trim the entire plant an inch or two above the soil. Depending on the time of year your erigeron will be flowering again within a few weeks. But not in winter of course.

To avoid the winter blues cut your erigeron plants back in mid autumn. This way they will take some nice new, healthy growth into the winter with them. Then come spring they will be blooming prolifically once again.

Is seaside daisy an Australian native?

No. It's such a popular plant and will seed itself here and there that some people think that it is an Australian native. This coupled with the fact that it can often be seen in the company of brachyscome, which is an Australian native.

Is erigeron hardy?

Oh yeah! Erigeron is a staple in many Australian gardens for a reason. It will tolerate periods of drought, can also tolerate sandy soils and salt spray. Pests and diseases are no existent. Coupled with the fact you can cut it back with a whipper snipper if you want, yeah it's tough!

Can i grow seaside daisy in a pot?

Absolutely! Erigeron is really tough as we've established. I prefer to plant it with something else with a bit of height. Allowing the erigeron to grow around the trunk and spill out over the sides of the pot looks great.

Will erigeron grow in the shade?

It will, but it won't really flower. I would chose something different for a shaded site. Erigeron really needs to be flowering to be fully appreciated.

How do you propagate erigeron?

Erigeron is very easy to propagate. Take some cuttings 3-5 cm long. Fastest results are during the warm months. Push them into a container filled with perlite and peat moss. Keep them moist and roots will develop in about 4 weeks.