Coprosma Coppershine

Coprosma ‘Coppershine’

Coprosma ‘Coppershine’

Coprosma ‘Coppershine’ is a dense evergreen shrub. Its grown for the glossy attractive foliage. The foliage is green with copper margins.

Mirror bush is a great plant for hedges and screens. Can be used as topiary plants, container specimens even bonsai. The foliage offers great contrast.

Hardy in most soil types. Can be grown in coastal locations and very exposed sites.

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Cultural notes

Botanical name: Coprosma repens ‘Coppershine’

Common name: Mirror Bush

Family: Rubiaceae

Native to: New Zealand

Flowers: Insignificant

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 1.5-2m

Width: 1m

Can coprosma coppershine be pruned?

Absolutely! I've cut mature plants down to a stump before and they always shoot back.  Coppershine is a great plant for topiary balls and standards.

Adding well trimmed coprosma's of various colours in well pruned balls is a great formal look to gardens in that style.

Pruning should be done anywhere from spring-early autumn.

Could i use coprossma coppershine as a hedge?

Yes you can. Coppershine will form a great hedge from 1m-2m. Plant them about 50cm apart. Start pruning them once they are 50cm from your desired height and width, this will provide a nice thick hedge.

Is coppershine frost hardy?

Very. We have temperatures down to -5C at times throughout winter and there is very minimal damage to the leaves. Having said that avoid pruning if you're expecting a frost. The fresh growth or newly exposed old growth may be a bit mored sensitive.

How do you propagate coprosma?

We propagate our coprosmas anywhere from spring to early autumn. Basically the same time frame as when we like to prune them. This is when they are actively growing.

Take some tip cuttings and place them in a pot with a mix of perlite and peat moss. Keep moist and you can expect roots in 4-6 weeks.